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I was just given my very first Yulla Yoghurt ever…..Strawberry and Pomegranate – YUM!!!!  I am seriously hooked and am hoping the man who gave it to me is hooked as well. 


Cheers and have a great day


Pam – Bungendore ACT

Just wanted to thank you for your excellent high quality products made with great ingredients.  We love pretty much everything, and are very keen on the hummus, vanilla yoghurt and mousses.  So glad that you use olive oil and no preservatives in your products.  Such great food is getting harder to find on shop shelves. 


Many Thanks, Jane - email


The promotion person (your head chef, i believe) at Balmain/Rozelle organic supermarket was amazing.

So friendly and ready to help. And she knows her product. She made so many suggestions about how to use it (inc a suggestion i did use: aubergine salsa stirred through steamed vegies with cous cous on the side)


Never tried Yalla before but I’m HOOKED!!


Thanks, and especially to your wonderful promotions lady. Excellent customer service - I’d never have tried it without her enthusiasm affecting me


Janine – Sydney NSW

Just to let you know that I just tried your banana yoghurt (my husband brought one home from the Sydney Hilton) - it is THE best yoghurt I have ever tasted and I have tasted myself through a huge range of natural/organic/boutique style yoghurts in various countries.  Well done!


Kind regards,
Larissa – Hawthorn VIC


I just wanted to let you know that your products absolutely ROCK!  We love them at our house.  Whenever I buy the chocolate mousse there is always an air of excitement (I'm not kidding or even remotely

exaggerating!) it is to die for and goes magnificently with Maggie Beers Carmel Ice cream with Burnt Fig Jam and honeycomb!  Then there is the Mango Yoghurt.  I'm generally not a fan of mango and only recently purchased some for my 8 month old son as the shop where I buy it had run out of our favourite, the guava yoghurt.  I was feeding the new yoghurt to my son when I noticed he was wolfing it down, so I had a taste ... needless to say he had to share a significant portion with 

me.   We are now so addicted to it that I have searched the web to 

find a location I can purchase it when away on holiday.  It took a bit of doing but I managed to find somewhere that will order it for me specifically so that I won't have to do without.  Thanks so much for mixing up these wonderful gastronomic concoctions!



Rikki – email


While staying at the Sydney Hilton in November, I had the opportunity to taste your wonderful yoghurt (strawberry pomegranate).  It was truly amazing stuff...and I am missing it back here in Vienna, Virginia, USA.  Any chance you distribute to the US?  Probably won't be back in Australia for a long time...


Just thought I'd was worth a shot.



Sue Marone - Fairfax, VA

I should have written this ages ago.....
But when I first tasted your Choc Mousse in Business Class on Qantas I thought we were flying to heaven!
I almost cheekily asked the passenger sitting next to me if I could have theirs! What a waste...

Then when I stumbled across the Choc/Raspberry Mousse in the local IGA, I knew there was trouble.
I'm hooked :)
When are you starting Yalla Anonymousse??????


Jaclyn – Mascot NSW

Just wanted to say I went to the Gluten-free show on Saturday and the staff you had there were outstanding. Such a ray of light in an otherwise strange crowd.

Your food is absolutely divine......


Keep up the brilliant work!

Best regards,

Kris – Erskineville NSW

Dear Yulla


We found your lovely soup a few months ago at ANTICO’s Northbridge.

We buy a lot of Petango soups from NZ and they are good quality and well priced.

However you soup was something very special and I am sure it’s popular.

Your soup is not heavy. It has a beautiful texture and a fabulous taste with a gentle hint of Indian spices.

It deserves to stay !


Kind regards and much appreciation.


Peter – Cammeray NSW

My family and I were four of the lucky ones to win tickets for breakfast on the bridge last Sunday.  I'd just like to say how beautiful your yoghurt was - I've  tried your dips before and enjoyed them but never the yoghurts.  To be honest I might not even have tried the vanilla and prune (I generally go for berry flavours) but it really was delicious and you could truly taste the vanilla bean throughout.

Thanks so much for helping to make last Sunday morning such a wonderful success.
Kim Benson – email

We had your wonderful yoghurt on the Bridge last Sunday.


Peter Dixon – Kellyville

your yoghurts are fabulous - particularly the guava and then the pomegranate/strawberry one…….

Louise Fogg – Melbourne VIC

Hi – I had to write you because we just returned to the US after a combination business/holiday trip to Australia and fell in love with your yogurt.  Please tell me there is some way to get it in the U.S.  The yogurt here is nowhere near as luscious as Yalla and I would be thrilled to be able to order Yalla or find it locally. 


Best regards,

Leslie -USA

I’ve just finished your gluten free chocolate mousse. Oooooh, sooooo good! I’m recommending it to everyone I know.

I’ll be able to get it, I hope, at the Green Garage at Byron Bay. Must pass this on to the Coeliac Society of Australia.


Deb – Byron Bay NSW

Through a friend we tasted your chocolate mousse and loved it. 



Nola – Sutherland Shire

I've been in Sydney for the past week and really enjoyed having your yogurt for breakfast every morning.  By any chance, does Yalla distribute to the US, specifically Los Angeles, CA?



Jason Yano – Los Angeles, CA

My fiancé and I go every week to Eveleigh markets and always buy as many yoghurts/dips as we can carry. The two gentlemen selling the products are really lovely. We've let many of our friends know how good your things are.



Sylvia –Sydney NSW

Many thanks for such a superb variety of products in particular your range of dips.


Many thanks


Mike – Armadale VIC

(I'm writing this as I'm finishing off a delicious Yalla Chocolate Mousse!!)


Cheers and thank-you again,


Jane – Bodalla NSW




I only found your products this morning at my local supermarket {Leo’s in Heidelberg, VIC}  near work.
I tried your raspberry and chocolate mousse and have to say, its heavenly… am in the process of converting the office!
As im not a coffee drinker anymore, thankyou for creating something for my 3.30 itis,  away from the computer screen.
I'll be seeking your other products now.
What about a white choc mousse with macadamias?
Thankyou, keep up the great work and creations."

Donna - Heidelberg, Vic


"I LOVE your dips, they are divine. Healthy, made with care, no harmful additives - divine combination. As a picky label reader, I notice the difference !
I live in WA, and want to see your products in more shops ! I could not find another shop on your website, so I am looking forward to when you update it.
I will also be looking for your products in other places, and hope to start seeing them soon.
You ROCK !  All the best for WILD success !"

Barb - WA


"Just wanted to say I tried the Chocolate Raspberry Mousse,on the weekend....................Oh my,its the mosts divine dessert I have ever Eaten!!!,Well done ,iam spreading the word on Yalla!!"

Belle - via email


"Just wanted to say that I LOVE your Hummus and Tahini! The Tahini is especially nice and the closest I found to authentic Tahini since I came back from Egypt in March.
I tried a few of your other products and they are equally as nice."

Chris - via email


" In love with your products….yum…especially vanilla yoghurt, rhubarb and ginger and choc/raspberry mousse."

Helen - Carlton South


"Just to let you know that I absolutely love your strawberry and pomegranate yoghurt.
Whenever we stay at the Sofitel in Melbourne, I look forward to the breakfast, just to get another taste."

Tracy - via email


"I was just given my very first Yulla Yoghurt ever…..Strawberry and Pomegranate – YUM!!!!  I am seriously hooked and am hoping the man who gave it to me is hooked as well."

Pam - NSW


My name is Teresa and I would like to thank you for your wonderful choclate mousse.
It makes my world!"

Teresa Cowley
Teresa Cowley Handbags


"Just tried your prune & vanilla yoghurt- Absolutely sensational!"

Frances - via email


"I am a regular purchaser of Yulla products and a very happy customer!! one of your products Aubengine Salsa (one of my absolute favourites) is no longer being stocked at Cremorne IGA. Could you tell me if it is no longer in production as IGA staff have indicated? I would love to see it back on the shelves at the IGA."

Ben - via email

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